At 28 DAYZ LATER, we are committed to being transparent and maintaining a gaming environment that aligns with Bohemia Interactive's Terms of Service (terms) for DayZ. We take pride in upholding a high standard of integrity to ensure fair play and a positive experience for our community members.

All digital content available for purchase on our website has been carefully crafted to meet and comply with Bohemia Interactive's terms. It is essential to emphasize unequivocally that our products and services do not, and will never, include the sale of in-game items. This practice is considered "pay-to-win" and is strictly against Bohemia Interactive's terms. Instead, every digital item we offer can be acquired through legitimate in-game channels, such as in-game traders, looting, player vs. player engagements, or events such as koth, airdrops, keycard rooms, and Heli crashes.

Our primary aim is to enhance your gaming experience through aesthetic and personalization options while strictly adhering to the principles of fair play. Every digital item you obtain from us is intended for the enjoyment and benefit of all players and is entirely compatible with the rules and regulations set forth by Bohemia Interactive. We are steadfast in our belief in creating a gaming environment where every player has an equal opportunity to excel, reliant solely on individual skill and strategic prowess.

We encourage you to review Bohemia Interactive's official Terms of Service for DayZ for a comprehensive understanding of the guidelines governing gameplay within the DayZ universe. If you have any questions or concerns about our products or services, please don't hesitate to contact us. We're here to provide you with a gaming experience that's both enjoyable and in accordance with the highest standards of fairness. We truly appreciate your continuous support. You, our valued community, are the backbone of 28 DAYZ LATER.

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Our Mission

Our mission isn't for the faint-hearted. We're here to unleash a DayZ experience that's ruthlessly challenging, intensely rewarding, and dominated by relentless PVP encounters.

Our battlefield is where warriors thrive, where action surges like a relentless storm. We're not just a community; we're a brotherhood, forged in the crucible of battle. Through adrenaline-pumping events, epic giveaways, and unwavering dedication to server perfection, we've cultivated a hardcore and unyielding collective that draws warriors back into the fray, time and time again.

Welcome to the frontline; the fight for glory begins here.